Astrafi has 2 main token.
$NUTZ = the game's token which is used for incentivization.
$dNUTZ =obtained by staking $NUTZ tokens and used for fee-sharing and governance!

The NUTZ Token:

Token symbol: NUTZ
Token Address Ethereum: TBA
Total Supply: 69,000,000,000 NUTZ

Token Distribution:

  • 28% (19.32B) for Global Farming Incentives
  • 22% (15.18B) for Staking Rewards
  • 8% (5.52B) for Initial DEX Offering
  • 25% (17.25B) for the team (released upon hitting burning targets)
  • 17% (11.73B) Unallocated for future expansion
$NUTZ tokens are distributed as follows:
  • 28% of the total supply will be used to incentivize particular LP pairs or other liquidity mining programs. Creating a deeper liquidity for the game and to make trading prices less volatile.
  • 22% of the total supply will be used as reward to earn $dNUTZ for our community members for having a long term mindset and locking up their tokens.
  • 8% of the total supply will be used for Initial DEX Offering on both Uniswap & Sushi
  • 25% of the total supply is allocated to the team members are vested. Upon hitting certain KPI's for burning tokens , the locked tokens will be released. Only then our allocations are unlocked to make sure we as the team also have the goal in-mind as you the investor.
  • 17% of the total supply is unallocated. This allocation is mainly for future expansion plans. Bring in investors & advisors onboard and etc...
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