Roadmap & Goals

Objective: Build a strong community that has the same principles & values!
  • Hand-picked 69 OG's
  • Building own Twitter Raffle System
  • Having 1K followers unfollowers on Twitter
  • Reaching 20K followers on Twitter
  • Establishing a unique vibe within Discord !chip
  • All OG's & WL's admitted to Discord
Deadline: Late Q4 2021

Objective: Launch our DeFi Game
  • Launching 4,469 Chipmunks Army Collection (Gen-Alpha)
  • Auction 369 Genesis Chipmunks (some allocation will be airdropped to community holders)
  • Introduce "one of a kind" gaming mechanics & eco-system
  • Redesign our Website to get ready for the game launch
  • Launch $NUTZ & tokenomics
  • Setting up LP for trading
Deadline Early Q1 2022

Objective: Expand our business for more accessibility
  • Migrate to our own L2/ Or Bridge (reduce cost to attract new users)
  • Launch Astra Finance
  • Investors fundraising (building credibility & expertise)
  • Gameplay upgrades , MP , Dashboard etc.. (have a more user friendly experience)
  • Be listed on CEX (make $NUTS more accessible)
Deadline: Late Q1 2022
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Phase 3: Growth