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We're an on-chain DeFi Game on the blockchain. Astrafi will bring you chances to craft your investment strategies and enjoy the fun of being involved with a like-minded community. Are you the fearless leader who wants to take it all, or are you a loyal soldier that serves to the death? Maybe not both; you could be a traitor. You are stabbing fellow chips in the back for your beneficial gains. It’s on you, your call. Our game allows you to have the freedom to explore your own DeFi strategies and equip you with deeper knowledge of blockchain & decentralized crypto.

Do you want to be a raider, a warrior? If yes, march along with us on exo-raids. A one-way trip that might take years to complete. As a result, your 🐿 will gain $NUTZ🌰 after each raid and add on needed attributes & slight boost for future raids. This will become beneficial for your future deployment since the higher your levels & skills the better $NUTZ🌰 payments will be.
The successful rate of each invasion will also depend on the enrollment list of each ship. Are you on a space-ship, which has a strong Genesis leader? If your answer is yes, congratulations. You’re in good hands. Don’t be foolish and raid solo, you’ll die.
  • Staking-mechanicsm that incentives intrinsic-value for the ecosystem and your NFTs through the lens of gaming & community

Power, stamina, and defense will be included as your base attributes. The longer raids, the stronger and more intelligent & powerful you’ll become. Let’s try your best to climb our leader-boards.
  • Strength (Increase $NUTZ earnings)
  • Stamina (Increase raids success rate)
  • Defense (Decrease death rate)

Battle-Scars are your unique features, and you only will have them. In other words, the more battle scars you have, the more people will remember your name. And maybe one day your name will be engraved in the Hall of Asgard.
  • Unique battle achievements, that are only available through playing the game. The scars will tell us your loyalty. And who knows, what awaits for loyal soldiers...
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